Wine List

wine listOur wine list consists of a selection of red and white wines crafted from our own grapes grown locally here in Connecticut. Stay and visit with us and enjoy our beautiful indoor tasting room or on the outdoor patio overlooking the grape vines. We also welcome you to bring your own food to enjoy with your wine. If you have any questions on our wine selection or our accommodations at Heartstone, we encourage you to contact us here or find us on facebook

heartstone farm and winery

Fine Wine By The Glass Or Buy The Bottle

Tasting: Choose Five for $12.00 ( Includes Glass )
Disclaimer: “Prices are subject to change without notice.”

Heartstone’s White Wine Selection


TraminetteThe Farmer

White gewurztraminer hybrid, fresh sweet to semi-sweet, fruity & clean spicy.

Buy the bottle: $19.00

By the glass: $7.00


Brianna – The Carpenter

A fruity semi-sweet white. Grapefruit, tropical, floral with a pineapple nose & dry finish.

Buy the bottle: $19.00

By the glass: $7.00

cayuga white
The House Maid

Semi-dry white, notes of pineapple & passion fruit, dry finish.

Buy the bottle: $18.00

By the glass: $7.00

frontenac gris

Frontenac Gris
Rose Wine

Tart rose with aromas of peach and apricot, hints of pink grapefruit and tropical fruits.

Buy the bottle: $20.00

By the glass: $8.00

Heartsone’s Red Wine Selection

pinot noir

Pinot Noir

Dry, delicate, lighter bodied red. Lightly oaked, notes of sweet red berries, plumbs, tomatoes and cherries.

Buy the bottle: $22.00

By the glass: $9.00

ruperet's red

Rupert’s Red

A deep red blend of three big red wines, spicy with berries, cherry, violet, clove and dill.

Buy the bottle: $20.00

By the glass: $8.00


Marquette 2016- The Sawyer

A medium bodied red with pronounced tannins, notes of cherry, berry and black courant, black pepper & spice.


Buy the bottle: $24.00

By the glass: $9.00

cotor noirCorot NoirThe Farrier

Deep, rich red with notes of smoky cherry, even pumpkin.


Buy the bottle: $21.00

By the glass: $9.00


A deep red wine, smoky, bramble, and earthy, with plum.


Buy the bottle: $24.00
By the glass: $9.00

We will be closing for the season on November 4th. Our hours will be 12:00 to 3:00pm
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